About Us

InvestMood Fintech has been created on the purpose of harnessing the research achieved in the academic field about value added products and services development in finance world.

The following actors participate in this initiative:
  1. Innovation Lab: Under the coordination of M&BE Research Group from Rey Juan Carlos University, all end of degree and master projects, doctoral thesis, congress communications and research articles providing real innovation will be assessed in order to develop a value added product or service.
  2. Development project: the most interesting initiatives will be assessed and developed by InvestMood Fintech’s financial partners disposing of technological capacities in Big Data and analytics field (Apara) and software development and quality assurance (Teknei and MTP).
  3. InvestMood Fintech: The developed and tested products and services will be commercialized by InvestMood Fintech. Then, the achieved profits resulting from these products will be used to return the efforts invested on the research and development mentioned before.

InvestMood’s threads of interest:
  • Big Data for Asset Management: By the use of academic and technological capacities of Investmood, the creation of financial consulting and Algorithmic Trading Big Data systems able to help managers and investors in their operations.