InvestMood Fintech

InvestMood has developed Big Data algorithmic trading systems based on artificial intelligence models on investor sentiment, capable of offering positive returns in bullish and bearish contexts. Our models are different from the traditional technical or fundamental analysis used by traders and managers, proposing a new way of investing based on "behavioral finance"..

About us: Invest MoodFintech brings together the most interesting research and development capacities to make Big Data a reality in asset management. The following actors are involved in this initiative:
- Research: InvestMood directs the investigation achieved by the Management & Business Economics Research Group from Rey Juan Carlos University towards the creation of Investment selection and algorithmic trading Big Data Systems.
- Development: Quality and Technology Group integrated, among others, by Apara, Teknei and MTP, is charged of the implementation of the technological solutions needed to realize the most interesting investigations.
- InvestMood Fintech: the company is in charge of the coordination, commercialization, update and evolution of the systems developed from the research and development mentioned above.

The conceptual framework in which Investmood systems are based is the one based on Emotional Economics concepts, investors’ mood and behavioral finance. Multiple studies reveal that investors’ mood influence tolerance and aversion to risk in such a way that when there are optimism situations, tolerance to risk is higher increasing the willingness to invest in financial markets and rising stock prices. On the contrary, in the opposite situation pesimism, fear or even panic situations occur.

Investment selection and algorithmic trading Big Data systems: At Investmood Fintech, we have developed Big Data systems that enable measuring investors’ mood and, thus, anticipating to markets trends. For instance, Investors’ Mood Daily Trend Low Risk, now available on Trading Motion platform.

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