Big Data Systems

We have designed algorithmic trading systems that operate in derivatives markets in an unattended way, according to the predictions generated by the AI Big Data Models. The systems are available through Tading Motion platform:

Continuous Big Data Algortihmic Trading Systems:

Following the paper "Señales de inversión basadas en un índice de aversión al riesgo" written by Professor Dr. Raúl Gómez Martínez, published in 2013 by the IEDEE magazine, the volume of searches carried out in Google on economic-financial terms has explanatory and predictive capacity on the evolution of the markets. Since 2004, in which Google began to publish these statistics, it is observed that bear markets implies higher searches of terms such as crash, recession or short selling, while bullish markets implies searches on financial products . Bearing this in mind, in InvestMood we have created big data algorithmic trading systems that open long or short positions based on an AI model in which the predictors are those volumes of searches while the target is market trend (up/low). The models issue their predictions on a weekly or monthly basis:

Google Trends Weekly Systems: These systems train their AI models every Sunday, using a 5-year history of weekly Google search statistics of dozens of economic-financial topics. The system maintains a long or short position until there is a new prediction in the opposite direction or until the position is closed by trailing stop loss and take profit.

Google Trends Monthly Systems: On the first day of each month the models are trained with all the history available since 2004 and the prediction is released for the month. The system remains continuously open long or short according to the prediction obtained.

Combined strategies:

This big data algorithmic trading systems open long or short positions depending on the result of a set of different AIs models on investors' mood. We have observed that when all our AI models on local indices point in the same direction, the success rates are better, on the other hand, the best option when they disagree is to stay out of the market. Furthermore, these systems are optimized with Trailing StopLoss and TakeProfit:

The big data system of algorithmic trading Google Trends Weekly RTY generates its predictions about the trend (up / down) of the Russell index, over the next week, from the combination of 7 artificial intelligence models on the weekly and monthly trend of the main American indices (Dow Jones, Nasdaq, S&P 500 and Russell). You can access the system in:

Hybrid Systems:

InvestMood's hybrid big data algorithmic trading systems combine quantitative models based on breakpoints or scalping with InvestMood's artificial intelligence models based on investor sentiment. In this way, these systems only operate if the signals generated by both models points in the same way. These systems are available in Trading Motion: